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Eric sitting on porch
Photo: Jeannette Palsa

Born and raised amongst the puddles of Portland, Oregon, Eric Wasserman has traveled widely and has lived in many places near oceans and seas, including the great city of Los Angeles. An eternal West Coaster at heart, he is now permanently self-exiled to the beautifully landlocked Midwest. He is the author of a collection of short stories, The Temporary Life and a novel, Celluloid Strangers. He is an Associate Professor of English at The University of Akron, where he teaches literature, fiction writing and film studies. A member of the Board of Trustees for AkronFilm+Pixel, he lives in Akron, Ohio with his amazing wife, Thea, their three cats, and a lovable and loyal, although regrettably stubborn and willful St. Bernard mix dog named Jor-El.

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